Watts Hospital-Hillandale Neighborhood Association

WHHNA Annual Meeting

Please join us on Tuesday, October 17th, at 7 PM in the Fellowship Room at Mosaic Church.

At the Annual Meeting we recap the events of the past year, talk about upcoming events and issues affecting the neighborhood, and elect the next year’s board of directors. Please come.

About The Neighborhood

The Watts Hospital-Hillandale Neighborhood is in Durham, NC and lies just west of downtown. Development in the neighborhood started in 1908 with the construction of Watts Hospital at the corner of Club Boulevard (known as E Street) and Broad Street. The neighborhood is composed mostly of Arts and Crafts style homes built from the 1910s through the 1940s.

In 1998, Watts Hospital-Hillandale became a National Historic District. The neighborhood is protected by the City of Durham historic district rules. In 2008, the neighborhood celebrated its 100th birthday.

Useful Links

Newsletters - PARADE is the quarterly newsletter of the Watts Hospital-Hillandale Neighborhood Association.
Mailing List - The whhna-list is intended for discussion of topics of general interest to residents of the Watts Hospital-Hillandale neighborhood.

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