Watts Hospital-Hillandale Neighborhood Association

Oval Park Fencing Proposal

At the WHHNA Annual Meeting on October 15, 2013, Beth Timson of the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) presented a proposal to put fencing around part of the playground at Oval Park. She’s asked the neighborhood association to solicit opinions from the neighborhood and make a recommendation.

The two fencing options are black vinyl coated chain link fence around the playground area and black aluminum fencing (similar to Westover Park and Trinity Park). Both options are shown in the proposal (available below).

The proposed plan for the chain link option includes just the playground area, excludes all concrete sidewalks, and would have gates/openings at sidewalk junctions.

As drawn, the aluminum fence option would run much closer to the street, essentially separating the north end of the park from the street but not disrupt the flow of foot traffic from the playground to the rest of the park.

It would be possible to recommend “no fence” but DPR has indicated that their plan is to install a fence. Money has been allocated for fencing for Oval Park, and it appears that it will be spent unless there is strong resistance.

Re-allocating the money for any another purpose is not an option.

The proposal presented at the meeting by Beth Timson is available below.

Request for comments on Oval fencing proposal

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