Watts Hospital-Hillandale Neighborhood Association

Annual Meeting

Each year your neighborhood association, WHHNA, has an Annual Meeting that is open to all residents in Watts-Hillandale. It takes place some time in October. The exact date the location is TBD. Outside and before this meeting there will have been a nominating committee formed that have chosen a slate of candidates to present at the Annual Meeting. At the Annual Meeting, the nominating committee will present a slate chosen candidates for the new WHHNA Board. As a member of the neighborhood association we encourage you to show up and participate in the process.

You can also use this opportunity to keep WHHNA the largest volunteer neighborhood association in Durham by renewing your annual membership, which is only $6 per person. See the home page for a membership form that will also direct you to the PayPal link to renew.

Annual Meeting 10/14/21

This year the meeting was held virtually using Zoom.  The agenda included information about Halloween, Night of Lights, and updated report from the city regarding the upgrades to the utilities along Club Blvd, development near the neighborhood and electing a new Board of Directors. The full agenda for the meeting can be found here

Information about the 2021-2022 Board of Directors for the neighborhood can be found here.

Todd Roberts, chancellor at NCSSM, made a presentation regarding upcoming renovations and new construction at NCSSM. His presentation can be found here.

Beth Steffens of Dewberry Engineering and Lisa Mitchell with the Durham Water Management Department shared updates to the West Club Blvd Utility Rehabilitation Project. Their presentation can be found here.

Overall power point for the meeting can be found here.


Annual meeting 10/10/19

The meeting was held in the ETC at NCSSM. Several presentations were made by city employees. The power point presentation regarding the West Club Blvd. Corridor Utility Rehabilitation can be found here. The presentation regarding the Ellerbe Creek Sanitary Sewer Outfall Replacement Project can be found here. The presentation regarding the Stormwater Project can be found here .  Information about these and other projects of the Durham Water Department can be found here.

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