Watts Hospital-Hillandale Neighborhood Association

Annual Meeting

Our WHHNA Annual Meeting is Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at 7pm at the Fellowship Room at the Mosaic Church. At the meeting, the nominating committee, which consisted of three neighbors and two current board members, will propose a slate of candidates for the new WHHNA Board.  The proposed slate will consist of officers President: Perry Whitted, Vice President: Jamie Gruener, Secretary: Heather Gudac, Treasurer: Bo Harris.  In addition, other proposed board members are: Dot Doyle, Pete Goldberg, Galia Goodman, Kristen Lessen, Tom Miller, Jerri Plummer, Catie Shaffer and Jennifer Wood.  Brief biographical information about the candidates can be found here.

The schedule and keynote  for the meeting will be posted shortly.

You can also use this opportunity to keep WHHNA the largest volunteer neighborhood association in Durham by renewing your annual membership, which is still only $5 per person.

Please join us Tuesday.

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