Mailing List

The whhna-list is intended for discussion of topics of general interest to residents of the Watts Hospital-Hillandale neighborhood.

The policies can be found here.

How do I subscribe / view posts / change settings?

Go to WHHNA’s Google Groups.

What happened to the old mailing list?

As you may have noticed, the mailing list at RTPnet has stopped working. While a migration was expected and planned, the sudden and complete demise was most unwelcome.

Is there a new mailing list?

Yes! To replace the old list, the board has created a Google Group under a Google Apps for Work account.

There are significant benefits to this approach. Attachments can be up to 25MB. History will be kept indefinitely. And because this is connected to a Google Apps for Work account, there are no ads.

Who can see this list? Who can get on the list?

You must be a member of the list to view the forum or to get mail.  Anyone can be a member; it is not limited to neighborhood association members or to residents of Watts-Hillandale.

How do I get messages?

You can receive messages individually or in digest mode. The mailing list can be viewed as a forum, too, and all future messages will be archived.

How do I enable digest mode?

Edit your settings in Google Groups and choose how frequently you get email from the group.  See this guide for more details.

How do I send messages?

Send email to

Do I need a Google Account?

Yes. But this is not the same as a Gmail account. You use whatever email address you like. And if you’ve ever signed into anything Google-related you likely already have a Google Account. You would only need to log in to change your list settings. Or to view the list as a forum, of course.

How do I unsubscribe?

Send an email to or visit

Remember that this is the one and only mailing list for the Watts Hospital-Hillandale Neighborhood Association. There are no others. You can change your settings to receive mail in digest form or turn off email delivery altogether and just log into the forum. too.

updated 4/25/2020, JWG