Watts Hospital-Hillandale Neighborhood Association

Stop #7 – The Walker and Brock Houses

2114 West Club Blvd. (The Walker House)

2115 West Club Blvd. (The Brock House)

2114 & 2115 West Club Boulevard

On the north side of West Club Boulevard is the Walker House at 2114 West Club Boulevard. This home is a nearly perfect example of a very common, very American house of the period—the cross-gabled bungalow.

This home is very spacious inside. Note the distinctive bungalow elements—roof purlins turned into brackets and exposed rafters.

Across the street at 2115 West Club Boulevard is a very fine example of a four-square plan in the Colonial Revival style.

The Brock House was built around 1922 by the firm of Thompson and Cannady for Thomas H. Brock, a foreman at the American Tobacco Company.

Note the classic details common to the style: Round Tuscan columns rest on the brick piers. Triangular pediments surmount the front entry and mark the street-facing gable. A demilune (half-moon) window with a key in the frame adorns the latter.

Written by Tom Miller.