Watts Hospital-Hillandale Neighborhood Association

Stop #6 – The Arena and Mason Houses

2032 West Club Blvd. (The Arena House)

2100 West Club Blvd. (The Mason House)

2032 & 2100 West Club Boulevard

Across the street from the prairie-style Adkins and Bitting Houses (Stop #5), the bungalow style prevails.

At 2032 West Club is the shingle-clad Arena House. Originally built around 1920, it was long the home of Dr. Arena and his large family (though they were not the original owners).

Note the asymmetrical plan, exposed rafter tails, and triangular brackets typical of the Craftsman style which originated in California at the turn of the century.

Across Carolina Avenue, at 2100 West Club Boulevard, you’ll find the exquisite Mason House. This end-gable bungalow was probably built in the 1910s.

Note its long shed dormer—another identifying feature of the Craftsman style.

The interior of the house is notable for its interesting fireplaces.

Written by Tom Miller.