Watts Hospital-Hillandale Neighborhood Association

Neighborhood Association


To join the neighborhood assocation, you must be a homeowner or tenant. You can join or renew in person at two events (1) our Annual Meeting and (2) our annual Night of Lights. You may join or renew any time by either using the PayPal link on the homepage, or sending $6 annual dues, per person, to:

P.O. Box 61271
Durham, NC 27715-3115

Contact the Board

Individual board members can be emailed at firstname.lastname@whnna.org. To speak at a board meeting or contact the entire board, send a message to: board@whhna.org

Current Board Members

Fred Peterson – President

Dot Doyle – Vice President

Kevin Crofton – Treasurer

Jamie Gruener – Secretary

Julie Craig

Carolyn Hodes

Zab Johnson

Tom Miller

Brian Pickard

Chris Moyer

Ali Shoenfelt

Marie Spiller



The bylaws are available for download in PDF format.

updated 12/1/2022 DD