Watts Hospital-Hillandale Neighborhood Association


Expanding Housing Choices

The Expanding Housing Choices proposal, if passed, will change residential zoning districts in the urban tier. Watts Hospital-Hillandale is in the urban tier. Below are resources and important dates so you can stay informed and influence the process.

  • June 11.
  • May 7th. The board attended the second Planning Commission Public Hearing. The board did not comment during the public comment period. The boards feedback was communicated at the March 12 hearing as well as by email. The commission continued the hearing until June 11 on this topic.
  • March 12 5:30 PM Planning Commission Public Hearing. Staff from the Durham Planning Department presented the EHC proposal to the Planning Commission. The WHHNA board reviewed the proposal and during the public comment period the board communicated suggestions to the Planning Commission. Prior to the meeting we submitted our ideas in writing to the Commission, and they can be found here. The public hearing was continued to May 7th.
  • Links to particularly relevant information on the Durham County Planning Department website

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