Watts Hospital-Hillandale Neighborhood Association

Night of Lights

On a Sunday evening in December, our Watts Hospital-Hillandale Neighborhood Association celebrates the Annual Night of Lights! Every year our neighborhood sparkles with thousands of glowing candles. They line our streets and warm our hearts. Neighbors stroll in the crisp winter air; parties and open houses abound. Mark your calendars now – please don’t miss any of the fun! Everything you need will be on sale at the southern end of Oval Park, near the picnic shelter.

For 2014, Night of Lights is December 21st, starting at Dusk! Luminaries will be on sale December 20th and 21st at the Picnic Shelter at Oval Park.

The price is still only 50 cents per light. Members of the neighborhood association get the set-ups for two luminaries for free. Be sure to bring a pail or bag to carry your sand home. We’ll be collecting cash donations for the Community Café at the park each night. We urge all of our new neighbors to swing by the park. Your Night of Lights volunteers will give you instructions when you pick up your materials.

Our Night of Lights Celebration is not affiliated with or symbolic of any one religion or ideology. We simply want to mark the age old tradition that so many countries and cultures have noted for millennia: that light in the dark of winter can give hope and joy .

The success of Night of Lights depends completely on 100% participation. Don’t forget and please don’t get left out. If your holiday schedule prevents you from picking up your materials, get your neighbors or block captain to pick them for you. How many should you get? Well it’s up to you. The goal is to line every street in the neighborhood for this wonderful night. Grab a couple of extra bags for your neighbors who might forget. When the whole neighborhood is aglow, we guarantee that your heart will be as warm as the glowing candles along every street!

by Gus Beck, updated by Jamie Gruener

updated 12/15/2014 JWG

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